Playin With The Players

Join me for a ride through

various turning points of my life.

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My name is Morgan Player and I am an active and fun-loving 50-year old with one child and a happy marriage of 24 years to a handsome, kind, intelligent Newfoundlander whom I cherish and love dearly.  I own and operate a business in a small East-coast University town.  My pastimes include yoga, walking, reading, my dog, my friends, good food, beach walks, music and laughter.  I am bipolar, body positive and I was anorexic as a teen.  I am from a Catholic family of seven children raised in a small Ontario city and on a lake in the summer. I have been through basic training in the army;  have trekked for weeks in the Himalaya; have lived above the Arctic Circle; have worked on a farm in Australia and have spent two months immersed in yoga teacher training at an ashram in the Bahamas. These are my stories based on my memories.  I do not apologize for them.  They are what brought me to my current place in which I find great and simple happiness. Enjoy.

(All names and almost all place names have been changed to safeguard privacy).

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You may comment on any post through this blog or, for more privacy, I welcome an email from you at playinwiththeplayers@gmail.com.  Your email messages to me will remain private, unless you say otherwise.  

Please let me know if you have comments, questions or kind remarks.  I would really enjoy reading and responding to you.