About Me & This Blog

Welcome to my blog and thank you for visiting!

These stories are all from fifty-some years of life and are about many things: challenges; choices; funny times; rants; loves; embarrassing moments; stuff that moves, frustrates or saddens me.  There are stories from all over Canada, The Canadian Army, Military College, growing up in Ontario and on a lake in the summer at a place we call ‘the Camp‘ First jobs, adventures, heart-break, family life and funny times and even illness.  Travel in Central America with our four-year old, Australia, India and Nepal and finding our current wonderful little Nova Scotian town. There is even some pretty serious stuff like health, helpful tips and guest posts of poetry and loss.

***I really like to hear back from you too, so would love it if you leave a comment or two.***

And, stay tuned, there will be many more stories to come.

Most names and almost all place names have been changed to safeguard privacy.

You have asked, Why is it entitled PLAYIN WITH THE PLAYERS  ?  Well, Dad was quite a funny (and sometimes not-so-funny) character.  He would often use this expression to indicate that no one was going to ‘play’ him.  That he was a ‘player’ himself. He would stand there and raise his eyebrows, nodding his head with his flattened hockey-before-helmet nose and smirking say: ‘You’re playin’ with the players’.  So, then, I just decided to make ‘PLAYER’ our fictional surname.

Email: playinwiththeplayers@gmail.com

twitter @playinwithus

Photos on this blog:

There is a mixture of google images, pinterest and a several photos taken by family and friends and me.  The header photo of the daisies is from my sister Eva.  She says:

cropped-daisy.jpg‘I am happy to share this picture that was taken in 2004.  There was a never seen before, and never since, daisy showing that year.  All the open land spaces were filled with daisies. They covered the fields like a white, shimmering blanket.  Here is a shot that came from that time.’


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